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2015 has been a full & exciting year. In March I returned To Advice To The Players, to play The Nurse in Romeo & Juliet, directed by my friend & mentor Kevin Coleman (Director of Education at Shakespeare & Company, Lenox, MA). With a sublime cast that included friends Angela Hope Smith, Andrew Codispoti, Gary Debreuil, Candace Clift, & Richard Moses, it was an honor to explore this rich role again with such a strong and inventive company, & wonderful to have received a New Hampshire Theatre Awards nomination for the role, thanks to the brilliant scene partners that made me look good.

Later on I got to take part in one of ATTP’s Shakespeare On Tap events, in this case playing Prospero in a very crowded & enthusiastic pub at The Corner House Inn, glass of wine in one hand (occasionally replaced by my magic staff) & script in the other. Good friends & good fun with a great cast & Andrew Codispoti directing. Having founded ATTP in 1999, & having shepherded it through its first ten years, I am very proud to see it going strong in the middle of its second decade. I’m also very grateful to be invited back periodically to keep speaking the words of Shakespeare.

In November, I used National Novel Writing Month (www.nanowrimo.org) to pen 50000 words of a new novel destined to be a web series called SM. More on this as it develops!

The very most exciting & time-consuming part of the year was spent in the development & amazing first production of my play, Contra Dance. It’s been a long journey. I wrote the first scenes in an early workshop with Ernest Thompson some years ago & wrote about 4 drafts of the play before leaving it because although I loved the characters, I really didn’t know what it was about. Last year it came to me: Contra Dance is about how we face age & change, how we evolve, how we define home, & how as we age we still dream the same dreams & hold the same realities that we always did. Only with wrinkles.

Contra Dance had its first public reading with New Hampshire Theatre Project’s Intelligent Theatre Festival in Portsmouth, NH in April. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that several months (& a long fundraising campaign) later, its first limited run full production opened over Labor Day weekend at The Barnstormers Theatre in Tamworth, NH.

Contra Dance is now ready to fly on its own. Please take a look at this lovely play here, & contact me if you want to take the next step & read the script pending a production at your theatre.

That’s it for now. Thanks for being here, & see you at the theatre.